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In 1991 I wrote a book titled "US ENERGY POLICY : S.O.S. -Scared Ostrich Syndrome" At the time, I tried to publish it.  Submitted copies of the manuscript to 15 Publishers around the country, but none of them showed an interest to take the book to the presses.  Some replied -though- suggesting that I should hire an Editor to help me with the presentation and wording  :O(

Being Spanish my vernacular language, my English grammar at the time (and still today) was not Shakespearian by any stretch of the imagination.  Yet, the book's subject-matter was extraordinarily timely and interesting. A pity!

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Despite serious political impediments,  in 2002 I ran a valiant political campaign for a seat in the US Congress (a foreign-born with a noticeable accent, atheist, and independent (NPA).

My stand on issues can -forever- be read in the campaign "legacy" web at . Similarly, on another website - you can read about the progress of the campaign, and the lack of support from PACs to a candidate who is independent, and -therefore- with little chance of winning.

On, at the bottom of page titled 'MOTIVATION', it can be read: 

“… became committed enough to the Democratic platform that for the first time in my life I registered with the Party in 1998.

In June of 2000 I filled out a questionnaire on the Internet, and it came back indicating a match of 98% with the views of candidate Al Gore. I voted for him !”

I HAD WRITTEN ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING !... and that was quite  a few years before Al Gore did, ... sorry AL!

 If you visit  you will find out that I touched the global warming subject when I wrote the energy-policy book in 1991.

I admit that I did not extend much into it back, focusing instead on the non-breathable atmosphere of our planet.

I worried about an air loaded with CO2. That is what we will have if all carbon atoms composing the molecules of fossil fuels were to be released into the atmosphere. Our ancient atmosphere was non-breathable for animals, only for plants and micro-organisms could survive in it.

Please, realize that for the last 1 billion years (of those 4.5 billion years our planet has) carbon has been slowly retrieved out of our Earth's primeval atmosphere by plants, then stored underground (mostly by buried roots). 

Eventually oily detritus shifted slowly to lower layers in the Earth's crust, becoming fossil fuel.

But my book was rejected by publishers!

Reason?  I could not find a decent Editor within my budget, and my English was not perfect.

On -page 8- of my book I wrote … “Already in my teenage years I became alarmed when I realized what would happen if all carbon trapped in the huge fossil reserves would – eventually- be released back into the atmosphere. Definitely it would be a primeval milieu, most likely not breathable for humans beings. Actually, we would not have to wait until all fossil energy is burned. At current levels of production and consumption, and with explosive population growth across most of our planet, it will not take too many decades for us to be in big environmental trouble.”


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